Why is RPK acting so out of character....???

on Oct 14, 2010

Prominent blogger now in exile in the United Kingdom Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) caught this writer by surprise with an overly critical reaction to Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah's failure to obtain at least two nominations to contest the party's deputy presidency. My commentary here is not to go into the "technicalities" involved in the nominations process, but to focus on RPK's uncharacteristic reactions for someone sympathetic to the only viable alternative coalition led by PKR to replace the BN government.
RPK titled his latest "No Holds Barred" column yesterday (Oct 13, 2010) "Umno is beginning to look better than PKR" and his scornful look at the current PKR party elections in progress seems totally out of character with the writer that I know. (Digressing a bit but I feel perinent in my claim that I know this writer at close range, Raja Petra was the key speaker for the first two annual outings called Bloggers Universe Malaysia (BUM) which I was proud to serve as organising chair.)

And knowing that Nurul herself has never stated she would want to contest the second highest post in PKR, why would an Opposition fighter, swing so ballistically into putting long nemesis UMNO in such good light, as compared with 12-year-old Parti Keadilan Rakyat?

And the real rat is ...

Reacting to a FMT report stating that Nurul did not qualify to contest the deputy president's post after getting only "one nomination" at the close of nominations on Sunday, RPK wrote, and I quote at length:

"And when did they decide that Sunday is the closing date for nominations? Was this decided the following day, on Monday, after two more nominations for Nurul Izzah came in? In other words did they decide on the Sunday closing date on Monday when they realised that Nurul had received an additional two nominations and that this would therefore qualify her to contest the party deputy presidency?

"I smell a rat here, a dead rat. And the smell stinks to high heaven. It appears like PKR is even dirtier than Umno. Now, even Umno is looking better than PKR," he added.



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