on Apr 12, 2011

PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim, in a campaign stop near Kuching, says BN is offering RM1,000 to each household in Ba'Kelalanfor the defeat of state PKR chief Baru Bian, who is contesting there. 

The de facto leader of Pakatan Rakyat, whose leaders are drawing huge crowds in the run-up to polling on Saturday, claimed that BN was running scared in Ba'Kelalan and was resorting to buying votes to defeat Baru Bian.

Speaking at the first stop of a six-stop swing around Kuching and its suburbs yesterday, Anwar told an afternoon crowd of about 300 people in Pekan Baki Baru in the Bidayuh-majority seat of Tarat, to take whatever the BN offered."Take the T-shirt they offer, take the duit pelinchir (grease money) they give you, take the food they serve," he said.

"After all, it all comes from the land they steal from you to grow the oil palm. whose profits are not shared with you," he continued in his recitation of the litany of deprivations opposition parties claim Sarawakians are being subjected to by the BN.

"The oil from off your coasts they take and give back so little to you and when an election comes, they give you a little pocket money for you to vote them in again.

Anwar Ibrahim arriving to open Sarawak PKR convention in Batu Kawah, near Kuching. Left is Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian"They think you are stupid, that they can steal from you again and again, and you will still vote them so that they can rob you blind. "I say you wear what they give you, eat what they offer and take the money they slip into your palm but when it comes to the ballot, mark it in our favour because we will return to you what is rightfully yours," he said to a chorus of 'ayes' that stirred this sleepy hamlet to life. 

BN running scared

As the crowd began to press closer to the bench on which he stood in a gap between two rows of shophouses, Anwar warmed to his theme: "In Ba'Kelalan, they are offering RM1,000 to each household because they want to make sure they defeat Baru Bian. 

"They are running scared because in this election they are faced with leaders from Lundu to Lawas who are determined to fight the plunder they have got away with for so long in Sarawak.

"They are not going to get away with it in this election, because people like you have woken up and want to put an end to years of poverty while the BN leaders enjoy what they have stolen from you.

" Anwar spoke after the PKR candidate for Tarat, Peter Ato Mayau, had whetted the crowd's appetite for BN bashing with remarks that set the stage for Anwar's spiel.




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