on Jun 1, 2012

1 Jun 2012 - Police will take action against any groups or individuals causing trouble or chaos during the ‘Green Gathering to Putrajaya’ organised by PAS at the Darul Aman Stadium in Alor Setar tomorrow.
Kedah deputy police chief Abdul Ghafar Rejab said the police would also stop any attempt by other parties to hold provocative demonstrations at the same location....(continue here )

All this is certainly coming as a major shock to me. Since when did our ROYAL police moved their asses to help any Opposition organised gathering ?? Or even came to the aid of victims cornered by morons from Perkasa or UMNO ? Or where were these cops when Ambiga's neighbourhood was turned into a "pasar burger malam" when one idiot even offering her, a vegetarian and devout Hindu, beef-burgers or when aging ex-servicemen came mooning with their stinking asses in front of Ambiga's private residence one morning ?

Where were these mongrels-in-blue when Nurul was rudely interrupted and mocked at a Pantai Dalam ceramah and again when at a Anwar gathering a stone thrown by a hooligan from UMNO bloodied an elderly man in the crowd ?

Where were the cops when a bunch of the lowest life-forms imaginable went visiting the chief minister of Penang with bras and panties, cakes in the shape of human shit, and even a coffin to make their frustrations heard. Or where were the police when these same mutherfarkers held Hindu death-rites at the entrance of Lim Guan Eng's residence ?

And last but not least, we now have an ex-IGP with an obvious hatred for anything Opposition, heading a probe into the Bersih3 fracas ! Do we honestly have any faith or trust on our brute police force to do the needful at such Opposition gatherings ? The police are now famous for turning a blind eye to any misdeed done by any hackling UMNO mobster in any Opposition gathering. Just give me one reason why we should trust the words of this copper !

I would rather believe and place my trust on Unit Amal, the T-shirted boys-in-maroon and security arm of PAS any day, when it comes to discipline, respect and crowd control. Guess we the rakyat have seen enough police inaction online and on YouTube to draw our own conclusion, yes ?

Just out of curiosity, why did this Kedah deputy police chief Abdul Ghafar Rejab particularly say
"....such as an explosion” ? Am I wrong to be worried of that remark, all of a sudden ? 




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