on Aug 3, 2012

What do you think will be the fallout from the arrest of Rafizi Ramli? This latest stunt by Najib that somehow manages to boldly go where no stunt by Najib has ever gone before? He has instructed PDRM to arrest Rafizi  - a whistle blower who exposed the abuse of our money in NFC. Was NFC doing anything criminal? NO! Was NFC abusing the trust placed upon it by the Nation? YES! When PDRM arrested Rafizi Najib helped us hammer another nail into UMNO’s coffin!

This latest act of Najib is beyond the foolishness of wanting to purchase that USD $27 million ring for Rosmah!

Beyond the stupidity of a shopping stopover for Rosmah while using a Government Aircraft!

And even beyond George Kent!

Why beyond all this?

I say beyond all this because Najib does not seem to understand that Rafizi Ramli is flesh and blood. He is one of us. What he did may be politically expedient but it did not bring any monetary advantage to him. What he did in exposing the abuse within NFC was good for our Nation. Why would you want to arrest a whistle blower that exposes the abuse of those in high public office? When you arrested Rafizi you sent a clear signal to us that this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government will arrest any whistle blower that exposes the abuse and misuse of power by those holding high public office. Why you would want to do so is beyond our ability to understand.

So whatever Rafizi faces we too will face with him. We are his brothers in arms. You do not only arrest Rafizi you arrest us all. Is there room in your jail for all of us?  

We will agree that Rafizi did breach BAFIA’s regulations when he secured NFC’s Bank statement. Our Bank Statement should be no body’s else business but our own. Rafizi then compounded that breach by putting the Bank Statement into the public domain.  As I wrote a few weeks back, I questioned the logic of Rafizi doing so because he was just setting himself up for a fall – i.e. that he would be arrested for breaching BAFIA’s regulations.

But Rafizi’s act in putting those Bank Statement into the public domain should be considered for what it is – the courageous act of a whistle blower who knew that only by putting himself in harms way could he forced this Barisan Nasional government to do the necessary to stop further abuse by NFC.

The price that UMNO will ultimately pay for Najib’s latest idiotic act in arresting Rafizi Ramli for his exposure of NFC shenanigans we will see for ourselves in a few months time when we go to the polls at the 13th general election. We will decide then what we will do to him. For now we can wait!  

You can be stupid or you can be an idiot. Only Najib Tun Razak can be a stupid idiot! Nak kata si Najib ni bodoh, dia Perdana Menteri! Camna ni?  

Instead of protecting the whistle blower you saw it fit to shoot him! And Najib please do not show us your middle finger and insult our intelligence by saying that you have nothing to do with the arrest of Rafizi.

The way things are done in Malaysia Rafizi’s arrest would not have been possible without Najib’s consent. I would go so far as to say that Najib instructed that Rafizi be arrested because Najib is not man enough to be able to handle it any other way!  

Now what would Najib do as the ramification of that arrest reverberate across our nation? Across the length and breadth of this Nation whose people will soon be asked as to whom they would want to lead them?

Rafizi Ramli’s boss, Dato Sri Anawar Ibrahim or Najib Tun Razak?

Will the people chose Pakatan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional to be in Putrajaya?

Rafizi put NFC’s Bank statement into the public domain for the same reason that you put the NFC project on ice. The same reason that Sharizat is no longer a Minister in your Barisan Nasional government.

By putting NFC Bank Statement into the public domain it proved wrongdoing by NFC management – whose CEO is the husband of one of your Minister.

Rafizi’s actions have embarrassed UMNO because it forced the resignation of Sharizat from your cabinet and ex[ose yet again how those who have our trust and our money abuse both. So you decided to teach Rafizi a lesson and arrested him. Come on lah Najib be a man! Be a Man! Agree that Rafizi did the right thing but in the wrong way – and because he did the right thing you should overlook the wrong way in which he did the right thing.

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