Rais vs Rocky: Najib terkilan

on Oct 18, 2010

Now you can read this any way you want but this is what the PM said to a gathering of MyKMU at his house.

I cannot tell you which way the knife had cut him but it was clear that the PM had felt slighted by this development. He said those words without prompting, said it in his address to the crowd.

DS Najib also said he will find a way to resolve it

This is the clearest example of the importance that the PM pays to bloggers, if Rocky is not significant then it would not have mattered what happened to him or what he wrote.

Rais fans may be inclined to say that the PM is slighted by Rocky for quoting Big Dog's posting about Rais and his clan

Rocky fans will no doubt say that it is a clear indication that the PM is unhappy with what Rais is doing.

All I can say is that the PM pays attention to bloggers and their views matter, you can also take that whichever way you want to

And if the PM says he wants to mediate or find a solution to a problem between one of his cabinet minister and a respected blogger, I think that's a tight slap for someone


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
LAST PART 49. So, bro, no one has been looking at what's been cooking in Khazanah 50. While all the attention had been on Simem 1MDB, EPF, etc. the biggest, baddest one may be right in front of us. 51. And the SOLUTION? 52. EPF. 53. OUR MONEY. THE END



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