Zaid-Anwar truce: 'Azmin main stumbling block'

on Nov 18, 2010

By Athi Shankar
BUKIT MERTAJAM: PKR deputy president designate Azmin Ali is said to be the main stumbling block for any possible reconciliation between party supremo Anwar Ibrahim and Zaid Ibrahim.

Several Penang PKR Youth leaders claimed that Azmin had erected an “impregnable wall” to stop any reconciliation attempts by both leaders for stability and progress of the party.
“Azmin built the wall to protect his own political interests. Anwar will never breach it,” the leaders, who declined to be identified, told FMT today.

According to them, Zaid's departure would be a “gain for Azmin, but a loss for PKR”.

Stopping short of accusing him as the main culprit behind many internal problems, the youth leaders claimed that Azmin had been instrumental in ousting talented leaders from PKR in the past.

They cited the departure of former youth chief Ezam Mohd Nor as an example of Azmin's intense politicking and firm grip on Anwar.
“PKR is now set to lose Zaid merely to safeguard Azmin's interests. . . that’s all,” they said.

The leaders also chided the PKR and Pakatan Rakyat leaderships for putting on a brave front over Zaid’s departure when the truth was worrisome.
They said the emergence of a third political block helmed by Zaid would have a serious impact on Pakatan’s chances to capture Putrajaya.
“The situation is more alarming in Sabah and Sarawak. A third force would affect Pakatan more than Barisan Nasional,” they said.

Anwar slams Zaid

Earlier today, Anwar blamed Zaid for the current PKR imbroglio despite the former minister being given “opportunities and privileges to flourish.”
He listed the party appointments as supreme council member, head of the Federal Territories PKR and Hulu Selangor candidature as examples.

He said that it was Zaid who had asked to be accepted into the party after he was sacked from Umno in 2008.
“Zaid then sought a leadership role within the party,” he told reporters here.
Anwar said that Zaid had also asked to be the party's Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-election candidate.

Although the local division objected, Anwar said the party leadership still gave Zaid the chance.
“When he lost, we gave him the chance to lead Federal Territories PKR,” he added.

Anwar also said that he expected Zaid not to face any hassle in his attempt to register a new party because it would be an advantage for Umno and BN.
The opposition leader also claimed that Zaid was never appointed as Pakatan coordinator.

He said that former party deputy president Syed Husin Ali had even double-checked all minutes of previous Pakatan meetings and confirmed it.
“I chaired all Pakatan meetings and to my knowledge, Zaid was never appointed as coordinator,” he said.

However, a check on the PKR website revealed that Zaid was appointed as head of the Pakatan secretariat, which practically carries the coordinating function.



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