on Dec 10, 2010

Aduhai PKR!! Jangan Sampai Rakyat Menyampah

Salaam semua, dan Salaam khas buat kepimpinan 'baru' Parti KeADILan Rakyat. Saya malas nak terjemahkan, tapi kalau ada di pejabat Tropicana yang rajin atau ketua-ketua Cabang yang baru dipilih dan masih tersenyum lebar dengan semangat berkobar-kobar tu, tolonglah terjemahkan ke Bahasa Malayu. Bagi semua yang tidak faham, jadi faham. Itu baru telus namanya. 

Current state of affairs in PKR will affect Pakatan Rakyat


As a member of DAP and a staunch supporter of PR, I am duly worried by the current state of affairs in PR, especially in PKR. I am wrecked with anxiety over theissue of the forged letter and the implications of that criminal act on PKR specifically and PR generally.

I am convinced that the letter is a forgery based on the affidavit by the former Secretary-General of PKR, the minutes of the MPP meeting on 30 August, 2009 and the statement made by Jonson Chong, a former Deputy Secretary-General of PKR.

The dismal response of PKR leaders to the allegation really amazes me. Instead of conducting an internal inquiry to find out the person or persons responsible for the forgery and taking the appropriate actions to mitigate the consequences of such a criminal act, PKR leaders chose to go into denial mode and politicize the allegation.

The PKR leadership is still insisting that the letter is authentic despite the evidence. They spin the allegation as part of a political conspiracy to destroy PKR. To gain sympathy of the public, PKR, as usual, plays the role of the victim.

Inevitably, the response of the PKR leadership to the allegation of the forged letter reminds me of the response to the sodomy charges against the de-facto leader of PKR. It is one of denial and politicizing the issue.

If a clear cut case of forgery is spun into a political conspiracy, I am starting to have my doubts over the innocence of the de-facto leader in the sodomy case. The PKR leaders have the temerity to forge a letter and, when exposed, start playing victim. Likewise, the de facto leader could have sodomized his personal aide and, when charged, cry political conspiracy.

For a party that claims to fight for justice and transparency, the issue of the forged letter may well be a setback to PKR. I am worried that the negative perception of PKR will affect PR. The public will lose confidence in PR and consequently, diminish the chance of PR winning the GE 13.

It is only strategic for PAS and DAP to start considering PR as a coalition without PKR. PR sans PKR is more appealing to the voters.



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