on Oct 5, 2010

Umno panics and does a u-turn

It looks like I have caught them with their pants down. They scream, rant and rave that I am too chicken to return to Malaysia. And then, when I call their bluff and say that I shall return, they panic and start raising all sorts of issues, which you can read in the piece below.

For more than a year various Umno people plus the Umno blogs and websites have been calling me a coward, traitor, etc., for staying in the UK and for not coming home to Malaysia to face trial. In spite of the fact that there are no outstanding charges against me or any warrants of arrest (although the government can, if it wishes, file new charges against me) they insist of calling me a fugitive. Even as recent as today Nazri Aziz tells us that he guarantees me my safety if I were to return to Malaysia.
The most vicious of these many Umno websites is Malaysia Instinct. And in response to their ‘appeals’ for me to return I indicated that I am prepared to do so and also indicated that I shall be at the UCL at 1.00pm on Saturday, 2nd October 2010, to meet the Malaysian High Commissioner to discuss my return to Malaysia.
Well, the High Commissioner never turned up and Malaysia Instinct now raises questions as to why I want to return to Malaysia. I thought it is they who wanted me to return so the reason I am returning to Malaysia is because they want me to do so. And now that I have said I am prepared to return they question me as to why I want to do so and make all sorts of allegations of bad faith on my part.
It looks like I have caught them with their pants down. They scream, rant and rave that I am too chicken to return to Malaysia. And then, when I call their bluff and say that I shall return, they panic and start raising all sorts of issues, which you can read in the piece below.
That’s why. Never challenge someone to a duel. You never know whether they will accept the challenge. And after more than a year of challenging me and calling me all sorts of names they panic and do a u-turn when I accept the challenge to return to Malaysia.
Podah! These Umno people are all talk and no guts. They are brave when it is a big group against a small group and when they have the police giving them protection.  But when it is one-to-one, suddenly their balls shrink.
Now you know why I despise these Umno Malays so much. I regard them just like dog shit stuck to the sole of my shoes. I would rather touch a pig than these people. That is how defiled they are.
RPK Hints That He Is Willing to Switch Side For A Good Pay
By Farrah Deebah, Malaysia Instinct
Much has been said about RPK’s warning towards Anwar that he will not be supporting PKR should the party failed to fulfill their promise to the rakyat.
Some say that this is just another Tamil drama by RPK, Anwar and PKR.  Some say that RPK is beginning to sway away from PKR with the hope that he will be treated leniently by the Malaysian’s authority and law should he come back home.
Some look at RPK’s statement as an effort to divert the people’s attention from the most embarrassing PKR party election ever.  Some say that RPK is really coming to his senses and is seriously thinking about making amendments with the government of Malaysia.
Being in close contact with RPK’s ‘connections’, I tend to look at his statement as a declaration of guilt.
By making the statement, RPK is directly admitting that he has always been a tool of Anwar and PKR and all the enemies of the country.  He is also indirectly admitting that all or some of these parties have been paying him well just to tarnish Malaysia and our PM’s image and reputation.
RPK is actually hinting that he is willing to sway back to BN anytime by giving the most predictable reason, that PKR has lost its credibility.   With this, RPK hopes to portray a clean and devout image of himself being the real truth seeker.
Well, the government is not going to fall for that, though RPK’s followers - the dumb liberal Malays, most probably will.
Every time we talk about RPK or talk to RPK, we must not forget that he is mentally not very stable.  He constantly wants to be the center of attention and when he managed to achieve that, he would be carried away with his fantasies, sinking in his own stories, scripts and imagination.
He is proud for his lies and excited to see the after affect on people’s lives or the country.  He is proud for having brought so much trouble to everybody.
I am not very sure why RPK suddenly wants to come home though I did hear that it’s because he is repenting.  But I don’t see RPK as a man capable of repent.  He is way too insane to be capable of such humane emotion and act.  I don’t think that his son’s cries for him to come home managed to touch his heart either.  
RPK is an egoist, which made him not very smart.  Egoist often makes a fool of himself, that’s for sure. RPK is not the type who says sorry, forgive me, my fault and all those.
If RPK is really coming home and turning away from Anwar and PKR, it must be because he is having some sort of problem with his ‘organizer’ or ‘master’ and has no place to go for ‘real money’.
Or perhaps, RPK is trying to get his ass into UMNO and the government as a double agent.  He wants to try writing or lying for both sides, get information for both sides and being paid by both sides.
What else do we expect from a man with no real job?  How would he support his ugly wife and their luxurious lifestyle if he stopped writing lies?   This guy won’t stop lying, never!  That’s for sure.  So, whatever he does, he does it with a cruel intention just to get paid well enough for him to continue living the way he does.
If RPK ever came back to Malaysia, nobody should risk giving him a second chance.  He’s a gone case, a broken man, a lost soul.  If he didn’t come back and we cannot take him to court, that’s fine with us.  Just let him rot in London.  Who cares! 



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