Najib: DAP knows all of Anwar’s secrets

on Dec 4, 2011

Umno president Najib Tun Razak said DAP knows all of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s “secrets”, which explains its alleged rising dominance in Pakatan Rakyat.
The prime minister in his winding-up speech at the Umno general assembly here said Karpal Singh’s appointment as Anwar’s lawyer in his ongoing second sodomy trial had made it possible for them (DAP) to gain confidential information from the PKR leader.
“He (Karpal) is his lawyer. Of course, he knows everything. That’s why DAP is so bold now,” Najib said to thunderous applause from the delegates.
Najib pointed out that Karpal, who is DAP chairman, had replaced Zulkifli Noordin, a known Islamic hardliner, who was sacked from the party following a fallout with PKR’s moderate leanings.
Zulkifli was among the six PKR MPs who defected which Najib said signalled the party’s fragile state.
The prime minister said Anwar had tried to blame Umno for the sodomy (II) charges, and also he and his wife Rosmah Mansor for his problems.
“My wife is sitting there harmlessly and she still gets attacked,” he joked.
Anwar had openly accused Najib and Rosmah of masterminding the sodomy charges and planting Saiful Bukhari Azlan, his accuser, to trap him.
Both of them denied the allegation.
Najib said today the charges had nothing to do with Umno.
“This is not between us and them but between Anwar and Saiful,” he said.

Pakatan will destroy Malaysia
Najib took the same line as the delegates, saying that Pakatan rule would signal the country’s destruction.
He cited PKR’s disastrous party polls as a clear indication of what is to come should the opposition wrest Putrajaya.
“Zaid Ibrahim said he cannot withstand the party… he said there were more ballots than there are voters,” he said, referring to the disgruntled former PKR leader who quit the party after accusing the leadership of rigging its internal votes.
Ironically, Najib said that PKR and Pakatan are also calling for free and fair elections.
He said the demands for reforms made by polls watchdog Bersih 2.0, with the backing of Pakatan, were only a “scripted” ploy to portray the government as undemocratic.
“It’s all a script. They already have a script.”
Denying the allegation that the country’s election system is unfair, he said the ruling coalition would not have lost the five states (if the election was unfair).
“We would not have given Selangor to them… we would not have allowed PAS to rule Kelantan for 21 years,” he said.
Najib, who is Umno’s Selangor chief, has made it a personal task to win back the state, the country’s most industrialised.
The battle for Selangor is crucial for him to survive in his own party and stay in office.




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