It took one year for Muhyiddin to see the light

on Dec 18, 2011

YOURSAY 'First you get insulted in public. Then he says to you quietly - after rubbing it in for a year - that he withdraws.'

Interlok withdrawn from secondary school syllabus

Malaysian Born: The withdrawal of ‘Interlok' should have been done a long time ago, there was no need for all the delay. It was clear as day to any literate, decent person with any breeding that the references in the book were unacceptable.

Once the issue was brought up, it should have been dealt with immediately by removing the book from the curriculum.

There is nothing wrong with the book being available as literature in libraries but for it to be part of the official school curriculum, it meant that the government was in agreement with the sentiments expressed in the book.

So much goodwill and credibility was lost by this controversy. I don't think anyone is impressed at this point, but I feel that one must always be appreciative of any correct and righteous decisions made by the government.

James1067: Why then the big fuss in the beginning - to show your power that you can shove anything down into the people's throat, and they have to accept it even if it's rubbish?

Suddenly because the elections are around the corner, the government decided to throw some crumbs to the Indians after having humiliated them.

People are not fools, the damage has been done. You have already humiliated them enough and if the Indians support you, they are indeed fools.

Proarte: This a case of too little too late. All the more reason for Indians to punish Umno and BN. To allow a racist piece of literary garbage to be passed off as 'great Malay literature' is an unforgivable insult to Indians.

It is also a scathing indictment of the Malay standards of achievement in the literary field. Yet there were many Malay organisations up in arms over the Indian protest against ‘Interlok', a novel which portrayed Indians in a deliberately insulting manner.

The PKR de facto leader showed his true colours when he referred to ‘Interlok' as 'a good novel with no racism in it', such is his opportunism, duplicity and moral cowardice.

But do not expect Anwar Ibrahim to protest over the withdrawal of this 'Malay literary classic' as he will now contradict himself and probably say it is not a suitable novel for plural Malaysia.

David Dass: This was the only sensible solution. There are some who want to condition the non-Malays to accept a subordinate status and who want the Malays to resent the non-Malays by depicting a past that is part caricature and part myth.

It is possible that some of all races are wicked people. But it is wrong to extrapolate from the actions of some the character of all.

All should respect the constitution. The constitution says all are equal. And that should end this eternal and debilitating debate on who is entitled to more than the other because of some imaginary social contract concocted and conjured up by some demented leaders.

The poor and disenfranchised deserve help. Give it to them, regardless of race.

The minority Indians along with the Orang Asli and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak have been excluded for so long by race-based policies and by racist practices that they are no longer able to help themselves. Many are driven to crime and other self-destructive practices.

Anonymous_4182: Teaching our school children, the future leaders of Malaysia, the truth and nothing but the truth on history of this country appears to be so sensitive to politicians.

These young minds are going to grow up to find out they have been duped by irresponsible politicians who care not for real knowledge, but been fed fabled tales on the history of their country.

I Want A Peaceful Malaysia: First you get insulted in public. Then he says to you quietly - after rubbing it in for a year - that he withdraws. Now you run around to say you are grateful. How ridiculous!

Grateful for what?

Perkasa: Interlok withdrawal shows gov't is 'weak'

Onyourtoes: Perkasa, I think no party deserved to be labeled ‘pariah' even if it need your votes. Similarly no one wants a strong government if the strength is then used to officially sanction a school textbook which stereotyped others as ‘pariah' or ‘money lover'.

You think you are more deserving than others, but have you ever looked at yourselves - your contributions, your expertise and the taxes you have paid. You know the word ‘pariah' has a very profound meaning. One should always be wary whether or not he/she is one.

Shanandoah: Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hasan Syed Ali, for once you are right in saying that the government is weak. It has always been that way only that the Malays didn't realise it.

Look at all the draconian laws they make to stay on in power. Interlok is not the issue, stupidity is.

David Dass: "The minority has become big headed," said Syed Hasan. "The dignity of a Malay writer has been insulted."
The issue is not the book. Anyone can choose to read the book if he pleases. The issue is making the book compulsory material for all students.

Syed Hasan also said it was not the author who insulted the Indians as caste was not invented by him. That again is not the issue. Caste is a historical fact and it exists even today.

However, the term 'pariah' has acquired a derogatory meaning and is not used in polite company. Gandhi used the term 'Harijan' which means child of God.

And the term used officially today is ‘dalit'. The dalit is a scheduled caste in India entitled in the same way as the bumiputera is to special rights and privileges.

Ben Hor: I guess Perkasa is indeed right for once. It is all a ploy - the government has already planned to withdraw Interlok but what better way to do it than by asking MIC chief G Palanivel to flex his muscles to show that he still ‘cares' for the Indians. Spot on Perkasa, spot on.

Simpang 4: Perkasa always makes stupid comments to stay in the limelight. But for once, I agree with their suggestion to vote BN out. - Malaysiakini




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