Permaisuri Aishah - Part 7

on Nov 19, 2010

Permaisuri Aishah - Part 7

Where it started...
Aishah and family comes to janda baik to seek my assistance to relieve her of health and psychiatric complications.

Being a muslim, we should always love, care and help people when in need within our own capacities.

Under normal circumstances, I usually treat people whose ailments are relatively serious as I am quite tied up with my current work and ongoing projects. After hearing her laments, I decided to step in and help where I can. Standing by to my principle, “ To seek the truth”.

Immediately I gave it my all, while shelving my current works to assists her and her family. Mama and Dato Seri was especially thankful and very appreciative.

I really have great respect for them as they have journeyed all the way to see me, a nobody, in janda baik... maybe it was God’s work, thus I accepted the task at hand. No pengeras was mention or requested from my end , it’s a healing, not a business transaction.

The Treatment...
As for the health complications, I referred her to a trusted Professor and he took on her case, and after 2 months of treatment her health complications were solved. As for her psychiatric issues , it was a challenge and all I could offer was advice and counseling, thus we eventually spent a lot of time together be it on the telephone or in person.

I have counseled her “one on one” and with her immediate family numerous times up till a point where mama mentioned that she feels bad for me spending most of my time with them instead of my ongoing works.

Hence, she did what every mom would do, she offered me a remuneration for the time that I spent to assist her daughter. She insisted and was very sincere about it. thus I accepted.
As things went by, I realised that Aishah had grown feelings towards me... at this point I was a taken aback as I already have someone that I love dearly. I will not disclose her as it has no relation whatsoever to this story.

It was hard for me to just ignore Aishah or keep away as she was my patient, I had to treat her equal and as you know, I was aiding her with psychiatric complications , and can be extremely tricky to deal with...

I carried on treating and spending time with her to give her advice n counseling...sometimes with my Sayang present. I deeply respect and salute my Sayang that she is so strong to go thru this with me. She is the most understanding person that I have ever met in my life.

God knows I love her dearly. God willing we’ll get married one day, as it has been many years.

I could not blame aishah for what she did to me or for falling for me cause I totally understand her situation and her complications especially after our king passed away. So at that point in time I did what any self respecting person would do.I was there by her side, to listen, and a good one at that.

Life is a balance. Like everything in this universe. Where there is and in flow, there must always be an outflow. More often than that, not always your family may not be the best persons for an outflow of emotions and thoughts. Everyone needs a friend. As the saying goes, “a friend in need, is a friend indeed”. In her current situation, she was restricted from having friends for obvious reasons, thus, I was her friend.

I am grateful for her family, especially mama & dato seri for having trusted me to treat our beloved former Queen, by accepting to treat her, I knew that I had taken a very heavy responsibility on my shoulders.

I would take this time to also thank my father (Syed Hussein Al Attas) who since young have thought me how to treat people with love & care as we are all God’s subjects. I thank my father for giving me his love and care and loads of great advice and sharing his wisdom for me to move my life forward.

I don’t blame her family for bringing her to see me, as it was only normal for anyone to seek of ways to help their loved ones get back on life’s track, to live life to the fullest. I’m so glad to see that she has a good family with good virtues and values.Mama & Dato Seri, have search far and near, high & low with all forms of treatment but to no avail, thus they saw me for alternative healing.

I told mama & Dato Seri after few meetings that Aishah’s complications were not Spiritual based but rather more Psychiatric issues. I’m not saying that she is crazy or insane...but instead she needs lots of help, support & guidance to open up her heart , & mind, to get over issues of the past. It was probable that was why spiritual treatment could not help her much.

After much feedback and observations from her side, I noticed that on of the reasons she has become what she is now, is probably because she has been cooping herself up in her home. Her own safe zone perhaps. Dwelling in matters of the past, or perhaps trying to relive or even deny the existence of the current reality or future. Starving the mind from growth.

Let’s face the fact, put yourself in her shoes.

What would YOU do after you went through what she went through??? 

How would you bring her back to reality??? 

How would you help her live a normal life???

From being a subject to a Queen and back to where it started... 
Would you be the same person after such an elevation of status or rank of being recognized throughout the world, and to just have it all removed overnight?



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